At Shield, we believe in auditing our code from time to time. On 10th March 2021, We had engaged SlowMist to conduct a thorough security audit of our platform. The SlowMist security team adopted a strategy of White box lead, black, grey box assists strategy, and came up with a report on 6th April 2021. The SlowMist security team had identified two critical vulnerabilities, one high risk vulnerability, and one low-risk vulnerability. The Shield team fixed the critical and high risk vulnerabilities since then, in later commits, and is currently working towards fixing the low risk vulnerability as well.
We also partnered with leading audits company Peckshield to audit the code for our upcoming BSC mainnet version. The audit concluded that our system “presented a unique, robust offering as a decentralized perpetual contract platform for crypto derivatives trading”, and that our codebase was “well structured and neatly organized”.
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