Shield is building a one-of-a-kind decentralized protocol based on a fully non-cooperative game for future derivatives infrastructure, enabling global borderless access to finance.
Perpetual options is our first academic-level innovative product based on Shield derivatives protocol. We will continue to build Standard Perpetual Contracts and Structured products based on the Shield protocol, and open-source the protocol to developers worldwide.
We hold a belief that decentralized derivatives protocol built based on blockchain technology and non-cooperative game, will become the infrastructure for the next generation of global derivatives trading markets. It is in line with the following revolutionary DeFi features:
i) Non-custodial: Always control of your funds, rather than third party custody;
ii) Transparent: Traceable and genuine transactions enforced by the blockchain;
iii) 0 intermediary tax: Non-profit trading protocol to eliminate centralized intermediary tax;
iv) Trustless: Trust is no longer limited by branding, but by open-source verifiability code; Code is the law;
v) Easily accessible: No registration and KYC is required; thus no more administrative controls that prevent access to the market.

SLD Token

SLD token is a utility token designed to facilitate and incentivize Shield DAO and value allocation. Shield captures value through trading fees and returns 100% of the revenue to the maintainers of the decentralized network (value creators).
SLD tokens are available on Uniswap and Pancakeswap now.

Join us to build the future of derivatives

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