How to trade Shield Perpetual Options?

STEP 1: Connect your wallet and switch to right chains


1.2 Choose the wallet, click CONNECT

STEP 2: Choosing the desired trading pair, including the index and the token used for funding fee

2.1 On the left is the currently selected trading pair: BTC (index) / POT (funding fee)

2.2 You can customize your trading pair by clicking SELECT MARKET

2.3 Select the index (BTC & ETH) at the top, and select the desired token used for funding fee below

STEP 3: Top up tokens to pay the funding fee for the selected trading pair

3.1 Click DEPOSIT

3.2 Enter an amount of token you want to top up, click APPROVE, click NEXT in Metamask, and click APPROVE in Metamask

3.3 Once approved, click DEPOSIT, and click CONFIRM in Metamask. The fund will be successfully added to the Available Balance after the transaction completed

Step 4: Star trading with different order type (LONG & SHORT) and positions of different size

4.1 Specify the type of order, LONG or SHORT

4.2 Enter the amount of BTC/ETH you want to hold as your position (1 means 1 BTC/ETH, depending on the current trading pair)

4.3 Review the trading fee and funding fee you have to pay for this order. Trading fee is the one time cost while funding fee needs to be paid daily (every 24 hour) to maintain the position

4.4 Open the funding fee calculator to get more comprehensive information about the funding fee required for holding positions. The calculator shows the funding fee required for the position (10 BTC in the demo) in every phase (1 phase = 24 hours). Once you failed to pay the funding fee, your position will be liquidated

4.5 You can enter the phase you want to hold the position and calculate the total funding fee required

4.6 After reviewing your order, click OPEN, make the final check, click CONFIRM, and click CONFIRM in Metamask

STEP 5: Check the funding fee required for your position, and your current available balance. Make sure your available balance is higher than maintenance margin to prevent your position from being liquidated

STEP 6: Review, track and close your positions in Orders

6.1 You can get information from various perspective for your positions

6.2 You can also close your position by click CLOSE, review the order, and click CLOSE POSITION

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