About Shield

What is Shield?

Shield is the crypto-native solution to on-chain derivatives. Shield is building a secure, stable, and open decentralized derivatives trading protocol.

What is SLD used for?

The SLD token is a utility token designed to facilitate and incentivize Shield and it's value allocation. Shield captures value through trading fees and returns 100% of the revenue to the maintainers of the decentralized network (value creators).
GOVERNANCE — Shield is the community itself and will transit to community governance to decide the product roadmap, ecosystem support, and reshape the future derivatives protocols.
SWAP&BURN — The value of the SLD tokens mined is redeemed by Swap&Burn contracts. Shield generates a buyback price by making 10% of the total SLD tokens outstanding always equal to 100% of the repurchase pool value (derived from 90% of the transaction fees). Shield token holders can utilize Swap&Burn to earn profits.

What price feeds does Shield integrate?

Shield integrates Chainlink, Uniswap, and Sushiswap as price feeds. The opening price is the index price. Contracts are directly interacted with dual-liquidity pools, thus replacing the complex on-chain matching calculation.